Improve Office Morale With New Commercial Windows

There is no denying that the physical layout of your office impacts the morale of everyone who works in the office. If you want to improve the overall morale of your office, you need to think about how you can change the physical layout of the space. Sometimes physical changes can be as big as staffing changes in impacting office morale. Here are three ways to improve the physical layout of your space.

Add More Windows to Your Office Space

Being inside a closed-off building where one can't see the weather outside can really make the day drag on. People who work in cubicles, and have no view of the outside work, are known for watching the clock because there is no other way to tell that time is going by.

Adding more glass and light to your office space can give people energy. It will allow people to feel connected to the real change of time and weather outside. Exposure to sunlight can boost both productivity and morale. You can add wall-to-wall windows across the outer walls of your building.

You can also use windows inside of your office space. Meeting rooms with windows for walls instead of traditional walls allow light to continue to flow through your office and can make the space feel more open and inviting.  

Create Defined Spaces

Many people labor under the assumption that open offices help productivity. The truth is that open offices actually are detrimental to productivity. Open offices take away the ability for people to have personal space inside the office that they can decorate with things that are meaningful to them. Open offices can ruin the acoustics of a space and actually make a space louder.

Ditch the concept of a completely open office. Create private spaces and cubicles so people can have their own area to get work done. In the middle of your office, have meeting spaces where people can meet up and collaborate throughout the day without making that the entire focus of your office.

As you create defined spaces, you can still embrace the feeling of openness. Instead of traditional walls, create walls with windows and layer the light.

Improve the morale of your office space by creating defined personal workspaces for your employees and by adding more lights and windows throughout the space. This will improve the feeling of your office space as well as morale.

For more information on your window options, contact a commercial glass contractor.