How Much Of A Safety Risk Is Broken Auto Glass?

This question is usually accompanied by another question: 'How long can I drive before I have to change the glass?' Many car owners are unwilling to make immediate repairs to their cars unless they have to. This is understandable because many car problems will show up when your budget is already stretched to the limit.

Although you don't need auto glass to get your car from one place to another, broken auto glass comes with many risks. Whether it's a side window or the windshield, there are many safety concerns to think about before you postpone auto glass repair.

Poor Visibility

When you have spider webbing on your windshield, this is something that's hard to miss. Although these may look like cracks, the glass is usually broken and the only reason the glass doesn't fall off is that it's laminated.

However, spider webbing is a problem because it can greatly reduce the driver's visibility on the road. The broken glass can also cause glare when hit by the sun and this can temporarily blind the driver.

As for side windows, replacing the broken glass with a polythene sheet means you have reduced visibility through that window.

Driving Comfort

Many people underestimate the importance of driving comfort and the role it plays in keeping drivers safe. An uncomfortable driver is usually distracted, and a distracted driver may not respond quickly enough in an emergency.

How does broken auto glass reducing driving comfort? The broken glass may be letting in a draft which is a serious problem in winter. Even a small hole in the windshield can make things very uncomfortable inside the car.

If you have a side window that is completely shattered, whatever you use to temporarily replace it is unlikely to be effective in maintaining a comfortable temperature inside the car.

Rollover Safety

One of the most dangerous types of accidents in vehicles is a rollover. A rollover is when a car is turned upside down and ends up on its roof. What makes these accidents dangerous is the fact that the car's weight is usually acting on parts of the car that are not built to withstand these forces.

To improve rollover safety, car manufacturers use designs that make the roof less likely to collapse when the car rolls. The auto glass is an important part of the structure that prevents the roof from collapsing. However, any damage will lower the effectiveness of the auto glass when it's needed.