4 Ways To Keep Your Baby Comfortable In The Summer

If you have a young baby, you need to make sure that you are taking proper care of your baby and making accommodations for the summer heat.

#1 Feeding Your Baby

You need to make sure that you keep your baby well-hydrated. If your baby is feed only from your breast milk, you are going to want to want to make sure that you pay attention to when your baby is hungry. Due to the heat and sweating, your baby may need to feed more often. Be ready to meet this need. Most babies feed more often when it is hot outside and they are losing fluids through sweat.

If your baby is only drinking formula, do not water down their formula. Provide your baby with extra formula throughout the day. You can also give your baby some water in their bottle as well. However, any water you give your baby should be in addition to their regular formula and should never be used as a substitute for formula. Any water you give your baby should be boiled or filtered to ensure that all bacteria in the water is killed, even when using bottled water or water from your sink.

If you have started your baby on solid foods, you may need to give your baby a little extra milk to keep them hydrated. You should also give your baby solid foods that are high in moisture content.

#2 Bathing Your Baby

In the summer you should bathe your baby at least once a day. The water should not be cold though; the water should be lukewarm when you touch it. Use a gentle soap and be sure to clean under your baby's arms, neck, and back of legs where sweat is likely to gather.

Bathing your baby is also a great way to cool your baby off. If you give your baby more than one bath per day, keep in mind that you don't need to wash your baby with soap each time. Just a quick, ten-minute bath in some warm water will help cool your baby down and remove sweat from your baby's body.

#3 Clothing Your Baby

Protecting your baby in the summer has a lot to do with clothing. You should dress your baby in loose fitting clothing that is breathable. Put your baby in light colored clothing that will reflect heat away from your baby.

When you take your baby outside, be sure to put a hat on them. This will help keep the sun out of their face and help your baby stay cool. Minimize the use of slings, which can be a little warm on a really hot summer day for your baby.

#4 Stay on Top of Changing Your Baby's Diaper

Allow your baby some diaper free time to ensure that they don't get a diaper rash. Change their diaper frequently; a wet diaper can quickly lead to a diaper rash when combined with your baby's sweat in the summer sun.

In the summertime, try to minimize the impact of heat on your baby with extra baths, lightweight clothing, clean diapers, and extra feedings.To learn more, reach out to a clinic like Port City Pediatrics.