Proper Cleaning Of Your Water Pipe

If you have a water pipe or a bong that you use to smoke marijuana, then you should understand that proper maintenance is required. In other words, you need to clean the device often. If you are a heavy user, then a cleaning every few days is a must. Keep reading to learn why you need to clean your water pipe and to find out about the proper cleaning method.

Why Do You Need To Clean Your Pipe?

There are a number of reasons why you should be cleaning your water pipe often. First and foremost, if you do not invest in proper cleaning, then your bong will smell and leave a burnt and generally foul taste in your mouth. The foul odor will travel throughout your home as well. 

Cleaning your pipe also reduces your chances of developing a lung infection. Bongs, like other types of objects that come into contact with the mouth and retain moisture, form biofilms. A biofilm is a slimy residue that contains many microorganisms. The film is often a combination of different bacteria and fungi that can be easily transported to the lungs. If the microorganisms have the chance to multiply, and infection will develop.

E coli, Aspergillus, and Streptococcus are just a few of the microorganisms that you need to worry about. And, thick biofilms are likely to form the longer you allow your bong to sit around uncleaned. 

How To Clean Your Water Pipe

You should change your water in your pipe after every use. While some people advise for daily changes, if you empty the water immediately, there is less of a chance of a biofilm being able to develop in the first place. 

When the pipe starts to develop a good deal of residue, then you should invest in some more deep cleaning. Cleaning with salt and alcohol is wise and will leave the glass sanitized for healthy and proper use.

Start by removing the stem and bowl. You should clean these parts separately. Afterward, pour enough salt into the bong to completely cover the bottom. Pour rubbing alcohol into the bong and let it sit for several minutes. Use your thumbs to close the openings of the water pipe and gently shake it so the cleaning solution reaches the top of the device. 

You may need to clean the water pipe with your solution two times to completely remove all of the resin buildup. Once it is clean, rinse with water and set the pipe upside down on a  towel so water can drain away.