Repair And Clean Your Tool Shop's Glass Storefront And Add Signage And Decorations

The glass storefront that leads to your tool shop should be well-maintained and contain effective advertising and decor so that clients are intrigued and likely to enter the establishment. If the glass surface is slightly scratched and dirty, restore the storefront's surface and add signage and decorations with the options below. 

Treat Scratches And Stained Surfaces

Use a buffing wedge to apply a compound that is designed to eliminate scratches to the interior and exterior portions of the glass that are scratched. Move the wedge back and forth over the marks to lighten each scratch. More than one application of the compound may be needed to eliminate all of the visible marks.

Spray a glass cleaning agent across both sides of the glass. Use a squeegee to eliminate the glass cleaner. If the exterior side of the storefront is extremely dirty, use a hose to rinse the glass surface off before applying the glass cleaning agent. 

Hang Signs

Purchase customized vinyl signs that have an adhesive backing. Signs can be designed to include the name of your shop, the hours of operation, current sales that you are promoting, or a brief listing of the product lines that you carry.

The adhesive side of each vinyl side will cling to the glass after you remove the backing from each sign and press the front of each sign against the glass. These types of signs are waterproof and can be removed simply by peeling them from the glass. Stains will not be left on the glass surface and vinyl signs are lightweight so they will not scratch the glass. 

Trim Grass And Weeds And Add Potted Plants And A Mat

Trimming grass and weeds that are growing along the front of your shop will ensure that your patrons have a clear path to walk upon while crossing the front of your property. After trimming grass and weeds, rake or scoop up the clippings and put them into a lawn and leaf bag.

If you get into the habit of cutting the grass and weeds each week, it won't take long to keep the outdoor area maintained. Add some potted plants in front of the glass storefront and lay a waterproof mat in front of the door that leads to your shop. Prior to entering your store, patrons can wipe their shoes off on the mat so that dirt isn't tracked into your store. 

For more information, contact your local commercial glass services.