Five Reasons The Bathroom Is The Focal Point For Home Renovations

It's an open secret that when it comes to home renovations, the bathroom is among the most favored. But why the bathroom? Read on to find out.

Heavy Traffic

The bathroom alongside the kitchen is the most heavily used room in your home. As your home begins to age, the signs of wear and tear will begin to show in these two rooms. So, it makes sense to give the bathroom top priority when it comes to home renovations.

Health & Hygiene

The extensive use of water in the bathroom makes it most susceptible to mold growth and other effects of water. Aesthetic and health considerations make people pay much attention to the bathroom. As a result, a bathroom upgrade is associated with health, hygiene, and a good quality of life.


In this world of fast advances in technology, it's very easy to lag behind in terms of your bathroom fixtures. Such outdated fixtures are easily noticeable. So, you need to renovate to keep up to date with modern technology.

Resale Value

Renovating your bathroom increases the resale value of your home. Your bathroom is the second most important selling point of your home, after the kitchen. And the return on investment is huge.

Attracting Buyers

Most buyers will look at the condition of the bathroom before they choose to buy a home. An outdated, dilapidated bathroom is an obvious turnoff. On the other hand, a fresh-looking, modern bathroom will attract buyers.

Here are a few bathroom renovation ideas you may want to consider:


If your budget allows it, you can change your tiles for a more attractive color and design.

If you're planning on selling your home, keep it neutral. If you are thinking of staying in your home for a few years to come, then you can afford to be a little more adventurous.


Replace outdated fixtures with more modern ones. While you're at it, choose water-efficient fixtures such as low flow showerheads and toilets.

You can also install energy-efficient lights and a ventilation fan. Remember to replace that old mirror.

Toilet & Bathtub

Seal any leaks around the toilet and sinks. Alternatively, replace your old school toilet with a modern-looking one. Again, if your budget allows it, consider replacing your old bathtub with a tiled shower, complete with modern glass shower doors.


It's amazing what a carefully selected coat of paint can do to your bathroom. Match it with the tiles for a better effect.

When thinking of home renovations, it makes sense to give attention to the bathroom because of the wear and tear it attracts, for health and hygiene considerations, to modernize it, and to attract buyers.

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