4 Types of DIY Glass-Topped Tables

There's nothing like being able to proudly say, "I made that!" when somebody compliments a piece of furniture in your home. Making a table sounds daunting, but it also can be a simple weekend project that will give you a beautiful piece of furniture that looks more expensive than it is. Tables with glass tops are easy projects. Simply find a base you like, find a local company that makes glass tops to order, put the two pieces together and you'll have your very own table! Read on for some interesting glass top and base pairings.

Stump Table

If a tree fell in your yard and you have all the firewood you need, consider using a wide section of the stump to be the base of a side table. Be sure to treat and stain the stump so that it retains its beauty, and take extra care to be sure that the top and bottom of the stump are perfectly flat before placing your glass top on it. 

Planter Table

You have hanging plants from every conceivable spot in your house and there are no more shelves to fill with your little green babies. But making a planter table is a way to bring more plants into your home. If you have a wooden planter, support it above the ground with four posts that rise a bit above the top of the planter. Put a glass top on the four posts and you'll have a beautiful living table and a little extra surface area. The glass top will allow the sun to shine on your plants, and the open area between the top of the planter and the bottom of the glass will allow air to circulate. 

Dressing Table

There's nothing worse than spending precious morning seconds rummaging around in a makeup drawer for the perfect shade of lipstick when you're late for the commuter train. Eliminate that hassle by creating a glass-topped makeup table. If you already have a table with drawers, consider removing the wooden top and replacing it with a glass top. The drawers will allow you access to all of the items in your makeup table, but the glass top will make everything easier to see. It's also a wonderful way to display your pretty makeup containers and perfume bottles without cluttering up the top of a table. 

Simple and Modern

One of the simplest ways to make a glass-topped table is to purchase four wooden cubes in a shape and size that you like. Paint or stain them to match your decor, and then place your glass table top on them, with each block supporting a different corner of the table top. Get these and other supplies via glass top suppliers.